Fundraising Campaign – Please Donate Now!

//Fundraising Campaign – Please Donate Now!

Fundraising Campaign – Please Donate Now!

Greetings CHAA Members,


In 2015 we have celebrated thirty years of honouring our Veterans; thirty years of fulfilling our mandate; thirty years of preserving our part of Canadian aviation history.

When we fulfill our mandate “…to acquire, preserve, restore, maintain, display and demonstrate the Harvard aircraft and other aircraft associated with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan…” CHAA honours the memory of all those who served and are serving today, many who have given the ultimate sacrifice. We do not take this responsibility lightly.  When we touch the wing, turn the prop, see the roundel, smell the oil, hear the roar and feel the rumble, our hearts fill with respect, passion and pride, and we are dedicated to preserving this fleet entrusted to our care.

This past Spring, our maintenance team discovered metal shavings in the oil filter of Harvard AJ583/C-FHWX (metal shavings are an indication the internal parts are close to wearing out, and the engine requires an overhaul).

We have two other R-1340 engines stored at Covington Aircraft’s shop in Oklahoma, waiting for an overhaul.  The cost to overhaul each of these engines has been quoted at just under $50,000 USD, plus shipping. The current exchange rate puts this cost at just over $65,000 CDN each.  From previous donations, we have $25,000 set aside in our Engine Overhaul Fund, therefore an additional $40,000 will be required. We are seeking your help to get an engine overhauled and return AJ583 to the skies.

Recently, two Engine Overhaul Challenge Donations were made – one for $1000 and another for $2000.  If able, you could match one of those OR make a donation of your choice – all donations are gratefully received and will be 100% used for the purpose of an engine overhaul (unless you indicate otherwise).

For your convenience, there are three methods of donating:
1. Cash or cheque donation
handed to Marg or Bob Hollister at the hangar (along with the form below)
2. Cheque or Visa/MasterCard info mailed to CHAA’s Fundraising Committee Box 175, Tillsonburg ON N4G 4H5 (along with the form below)
3. Go to our website and donate through The ROAR Store

Please, show your continued support and donate now. Thank you for your help; together, we will continue to honour our Veterans, fulfill our mandate and keep our Yellow Birds flying.
——————- Include bottom section if donating in person or via mail ———————–
Here is my gift to support CHAA!

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

My donation:  ___$50      ___$100      ___$500   ___$1000   ___$2000 ____Other

___ Enclosed is my Cheque made payable to CHAA

___ I authorize CHAA to charge my ___VISA   ___MasterCard

Card #: ____________________________________Expiry Date: ________

Signature: _______________________________________

CHAA is a registered Canadian charity. Registration # BN12944 5961 RR0001
Thank you! A tax receipt will be issued for donations received by December 15, 2015.
Donations received after this date will be credited toward 2016 tax receipts.

Please mail this form to:

CHAA’s Fundraising Committee
Box 175
Tillsonburg, ON    N4G 4H5

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