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Previous Features…


Our debut in a national television commercial featuring our very own Ramona!!!


No. 39 SFTS, Swift Current



The Slow Roll…



Summer sports….  Harvard style!



Fleet Finches, Tiger Moths, and some Harvards show us what the ‘aerodrome of democracy’ was all about in Part I of this series.


BCATP Pt II featuring…. The Harvard!!


Part III of the series shows us the Anson and what multi-engine crews went through.

A segment of the Rick Mercer Report from 2011…


Air show performer Michael Wiskus and his Pitts S-1 -11B flies along

with the Canadian Harvards…


Another early CHAA promotional video…

Kurtis Arnold  learns to fly the T-6 Texan in this episode of The Aviators …


 WWII U.S. Navy training film… Take-offs, Approaches, and Landings…


An early CHAA promotional video


A U.S. Army Air Corps recruiting trailer.



A True Classic…  The North American Harvard

Produced by Evans Media, 2012.
With an emphasis on the Association and its mandate, this video explains the importance and satisfaction that this aircraft has brought to people throughout its lengthy history.

Includes interviews with WWII Spitfire pilot Reid Hutchinson who began his flying career in the Harvard.




In-cockpit Footage


Fly along with our Formation Team as they perform their maneuvers during the 2013 Great Lakes International Air Show !!

Footage and video by Edward Soye, Harvard #2.



Harvard Pilots


Experience the thoughts of our pilots as they prepare to take-off….

Features pilots Edward Soye and astronaut Bjarni Tryggvasson.

Low-res and poor sound quality at times.




 Pre-Flight Inspection…


How to pre-flight the Harvard/T-6/SNJ.